Natural hairstyles trends for black women

The hunt for natural black hairstyles continues as more ladies stop perming as well as texturizing their hair.The thought and feelings of putting down chemicals could be very terrifying for some folks and also I truly do recognize that.Sometimes it can be very tough, specifically when you do not know other black women with natural hairstyles. Read More

Short hairstyles are not for everyone

I get a lot of questions regarding short hairstyles for black women. Most of them ask if this type of hairstyles works for everyone or is there a specific shape of the face that does not go well with short hairstyles for black women. Read More

5 Absolutely Gorgeous Natural Hair Styles for an Evening Out

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Sometimes, when you want to look extra special, that 5 day old twist-out just won’t do. When the natural hair movement started out there weren’t a whole lot of style ideas floating around, but now beautiful style ideas are ubiquitous. When there are so many places to look, it’s hard not to become overwhelmed with choices. So, as your surrogate big sister, I’ve taken the time to gather some of the hottest, evening out hairstyles (thank me later) that I’ve seen. Go on girl, with your sexaaay self! Read More

7 Foams and Setting Lotions for Roller, Rod and Curlformer Sets

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Curl sets done with perm rods, flexi rods, magnetic rollers, straws and Curlformers are popular styles for transitioners and naturals alike. Sets offer a longer lasting styling alternative to braid outs, twist outs and bantu knot outs — smoothing the hair and creating uniform curls of various sizes, blending textures and damage, and even setting the stage for stretched hair that can be straightened or styled with minimal to no heat. Read More