Hairstyles 2012: Invisible Part Full Sew In Tutorial

cbf85 women hairstyles default Hairstyles 2012: Invisible Part Full Sew In Tutorial hairstyle how to videos

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25 thoughts on “Hairstyles 2012: Invisible Part Full Sew In Tutorial

  1. daressia

    For my back to school special (aug thru sep) I charge $60. You can message
    me if you want to schedule an appt.

  2. xbrokenxdreamx5

    Hey I live pretty close to Pittsburgh & I was just wondering how much you
    would charge for doing a weave?

  3. friggahair

    The hair looks nice, and is it the human hair, we suggeat you to buy the
    human hair, so that you can change the hair color, the length and the

  4. msteboogie

    I wish you would’ve shown how you sew on the closure. That’s the part i’m
    struggling with.. =/

  5. latashabyrd1

    As a hairstylist myself from Chicago, when doin sew-ins I would advise 2
    use a weaving net. It holds the weft in place and it secures it better than
    without. Her hair is very thin and will not last very long, she’s using
    good hair……

  6. Melanie Jonas

    all the “sew in” invisible parts video i have seen were not like yours i
    commend you from a stylist to another stylist… wonderful job

  7. Rya Mi

    This makes me so happy & excited to know a weave can turn out soooo gooood
    being done at home! I have very long, however dark hair (it’s black) & I’m
    letting my sister put in a blonde sew in for me. Thanks so muuuuch for


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